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Whats on this term?



Our term plans are here; please remember which Pack you are in!

Nelson logoNelson (Tuesday) is first, scroll down forDrake (Thursday)

Nelson logoNelson Pack (Tuesday) Summer 2018 Programme

24/04/2018: International week 1

The Wick

01/05/2018: Den Building

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08/05/2018: Visit to The Golfing Hole

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12/05/2018: JOTT – Jamboree on the Trail (Saturday)

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15/05/2018: Fire lighting

The Wick

22/05/2018: International week 2

The Wick

29/05/2018: HALF TERM – no meeting

05/06/2018: Camp prep/care skills

The Wick

08/06/2018: Nelson summer camp (Fri-Sun)

12/06/2018: International week 3

The Wick

19/06/2018: Design-a-kite

The Wick

26/06/2018: Off site activity – TBC

Location TBC

29/06/2018: Awards Evening & AGM (Friday)

Bowmoor Sailing Club

03/07/2018: Off site activity – TBC

Location TBC

10/07/2018: Summer/beach party

The Wick

17/07/2018: Games night

The Wick

21/07/2018: Group Fun Day (Saturday)

Bowmoor Sailing Club

Summer holidays

drake logoDrake Pack (Thursday) Summer 2018 Programme


26/04/2018: Wick – (meeting 1) Healthy Foods, our Team

We will be trying trying unusual fruit and vegetables, different types of carbohydrates, Teams

03/05/2018: Wick – (meeting 2) Plastic and its use today

Plastic, How can we use less? How can we recycle what we use? How is it reused?

10/05/2018: SWINDON Recycling Centre – (meeting 3)

Off site visit to Swindon Recycling Centre with parental permission

12/05/2018: JOTT (Badbury Clump)

17/05/2018: Wick – (meeting 4) – No meeting due to camp

18/05/2018: Woodhouse Park Camp (Fri – Sun)

24/05/2018: Wick – (meeting 5) Ramadan

31/05/2018: HALF TERM – no meeting

07/06/2018: Wick – (meeting 6) Team games

Talking about different types of team, taking part in some team games

14/06/2018: Wick – (meeting 7) Countryside code, Ramadan

Learning about the countryside code, refresher on Ramadan

21/06/2018: Wick – (meeting 8) Building racing cars

Please bring some junk including large boxes to build our own Grand Prix cars

28/06/2018: Wick – (meeting 9) Grand Prix!

Car racing in the park, please wear trainers tonight.

05/07/2018: PURTON – (meeting 10) Hike trail

Hiking around Purton following a trail with parental permission. Families of the Cubs are also welcome.

12/07/2018: Wick – (meeting 11) Rock painting

We will be painting rocks which next week we will be leaving around the area by The Wick

19/07/2018: Wick – (meeting 12) Local hike from The Wick

Hiking around the local area, leaving our rocks along the way and hopefully pick up an ice-cream as well!

21/07/2018: Fun Day (Bowmoor Lake)

Summer holidays