Whats on this term?


Winter Term 2017 Programme


13/01/2017: Film planning at the Wick

Planning for year in the life of Posiedon film for district. Expedition planning introduction.

20/01/2017: Ready Steady Cook at the Wick

27/01/2017: Navigation exercise at mouldon hill

Navigation exercise. Starting at Mouldon Hill car park at 7:45pm and finishing at Shaw Village centre at 10pm. We will be finishing at Shaw kebab shop so money for chips may be wanted.

03/02/2017: Navigation training at the Wick

Navigation training.
Map reading and compass work at the wick

05/02/2017: End of Year Review

10/02/2017: Surf Trip

Surf trip – no meeting if not on surf trip

24/02/2017: Perseus Planned night – Murder Mystery

03/03/2017: Trident planned night – Navy career and drills

10/03/2017: Troy planned night – Bike and Car maintenance

11/03/2017: Maintenance Day

17/03/2017: Night Hike

night hike, navigation and map reading training.

24/03/2017: Les Barnes and Navigation prep

25/03/2017: Les Barnes Hike

31/03/2017: Snorkelling – Stratton

07/04/2017: Bike to be confirmed

Easter holidays