Whats on this term?

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Spring 2018 Programme

12/01/2018: troop forums and teamwork – School

19/01/2018: Badge Work – School – Survival Skills and Litter Pick Prep

Watches draft a what they still need to do to carry out the litter pick – including letters – to Haydon Wick Parish Council – letting them know going on a litter pick in local area, equipment request and do they need to contact anyone else. Rich and Paul to lead this need paper and pens. 5 letters and the Assistant Watch leaders choose the best – 30 minutes in total.

Watch leaders discuss where they are going to Litter pick, risk assess and plan route for troop – start to prep a letter for parents on when and where. Josh and ano.
If need a filler in Watches they need to talk through different survival situations, mountains, forrest, sea. Get the watches to write down different situations and what they would do.

26/01/2018: Badge Work – School – Survival Skills

Sharpening and basic knife skills and types – Josh
Personal survival kit – Catharine
Food and water in a survival situation – Rich
What to pack in a rucksack – cut out all the items plus extras and get them to sort through what would be in a rucksack – Paul

Fire and wood quiz – ANO ( parent – Luke) Rescue actions
Michael not here

02/02/2018: Visit Litter picking area and do compass and pacing work

Michael to lead but we need to communicate to the parents in advance and notify Andy Prior

09/02/2018: Badge Work – School – Map reading and risk assess for litter picking
Map Work
Map Quiz

Establish a route on a map
Plan route in watches
From visit to litter picking site what do we need to be careful about.

16/02/2018: Half Term

23/02/2018: Route planning for Hike – School

02/03/2018: Night Hike Scout led

Need support from leaders and adults.

09/03/2018: Litter Pick in Local area

16/03/2018: Prep for Les Barnes School

17/03/2018: Les Barnes

23/03/2018: Prelim Mayors Visit

Easter holidays