Christmas post 2015 – how did we do?

Thank you to everyone who made this another successful year

The Scout post has raised £2224.54 for 1st Swindon Sea Scouts.

Sales of stamps were bustling at Morrisons with 10,082 stamps sold, sorting was frantic and confusing at times at Shaw Ridge (especially for those not being experts in Swindon streets!) and deliveries of 6,151 cards kept in good order in Haydon Wick by Bryan supported by members of the Beavers, Cubs, Scout and Explorer sections, leaders, parents and carers.

Working with the other groups in North Swindon District and Swindon Ridgeway District for every stamp we sold we earned 10p and for every card delivered we received 17p.

Stamp selling therefore raised £1081.20 and deliveries raised £1045.67.

We also received £97.67 from donations whilst selling the stamps.

The 1st Swindon Exec and all of the members of scouting in Swindon would like to thank Morrisons for allowing us to sell stamps again and everyone for their help and time in supporting the sales of stamps, sorting of the envelopes and delivery of all of the cards.

Happy New Year!

This now just leaves us to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and see you all in 2016!

2016 happy new year

Scouts Christmas post info 2014

Scouts Christmas Post 2014

Post your Christmas cards for just 30p!

The North Swindon Scout District supported by the local Scout groups including 1st Swindon are offering their special Christmas postal service again for 2014.

With this wonderful service, the general public can deliver their locally addressed Christmas post to designated points, where a stamp will cost just 30p, and let the Scouts do the rest!

Using the Scout Christmas Post

Stamps will be available during November and December for 30p each from designated selling points.
These locations will also have special Scout Post letterboxes – be sure only to use these, not Royal Mail boxes. If you post your cards in a Royal Mailbox the recipient will have to pay a £1 surcharge and that’s no use!
The Scouts will then sort the cards and deliver them on and after Saturday 20th December in time for Christmas. Locally, 1st Swindon will be delivering cards on Sunday 21st December as a group exercise.

1st Swindon Sea Scouts – Selling stamps

Members of 1st Swindon are selling the stamps at Morrisons in Haydon Wick at the following times and dates:
Friday 6pm to 8pm 28th Nov, 5th Dec 2014 and 12th Dec 2014
Saturday 9am to 6pm 29th Nov, 6th Dec 2014 and 1

Fire works at Lydiard Park

fireworksWe have another opportunity to support the event organised by 1st Purton and Lydiard Scout Group. This year the evening takes place on Saturday 2nd November.

Parents and Leaders with 1st Swindon can volunteer to help run parts of the event and by return the group will receive a % of the overall takings of the event. It is expected a volunteer could earn £24 for just helping on the evening, extra payments are available for Saturday morning set up and Sunday morning clear up.

It is a fun way to spend the weekend and you might also get to see the fireworks for free!

The arrangements for this years event are contained in the letter below. Please note that new volunteers must attend a day light briefing on Sunday 27th October

If you would like to help please complete the form and return to a Leader via email as soon as possible.

Fireworks volunteers letter 2nd Nov 2013