Subscription payment arrangements

Below are the fees agreed by the Executive Committee which should be paid by standing order on the first of each month unless alternative arrangements are made with the relevant section leader.

As from 1st September 2017 fees will increase to the new amount as stated below.

The previous amount refers to the current fees which were set in September 2014.

Beavers: pay £12 per month (previously £11)

Cubs: pay £12 per month (previously £11)

Scouts: pay £16 per month (previously £15)

Explorers: pay £16 per month (previously £15)

Leaders / Full time parent helpers / Exec members: pay 2/3rds of these sums i.e. £8.00 & £10.67

If you bank online please set up a standing order to our account, your section leader will be able to give you our account details.

If you don’t bank online please ask your section leader for a standing order mandate.

The Group does operate an Arrears Policy

We thank parents / guardians for their continued support and co-operation.