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Les Barnes 2012

Les Barnes Trophy Rules

  1. The competition is open to all patrols in the Swindon North District and to patrols invited from other Scout Districts and the Guides. A separate competition for Explorer Scouts & Ranger Guides may be run if entries warrant it.
  2. Each Scout or Guide Patrol must consist of a PL or an APL (acting as a PL) and at least three members preferably from the same patrol. There should not be more than one PL per patrol. Explorer & Ranger teams must consist of at least 4 members
  3. No team shall be accompanied by an adult unless prior agreement is reached with the organisers.
  4. The entry fee for the 2012 event is £15.00 per patrol/team & should be sent with the entry form. Cheques are to be made payable to the 1st Swindon Sea Scout Group.
  5. The competition will involve hiking and other scouting/guiding skills and therefore each team must carry the following equipment:
    • Per Team:
      OS map (No TBA),Compass, First Aid Kit,Survival Bag,Mobile phone (only to be used in an emergency), White & Red lights for road use – please note that pencil lights are not permitted for this use.
    • Per Person:
      Whistle, Emergency Rations(1000 cal and 500ml water),Notepad & Pencil, Torch + spare bulb & battery – please note that pencil lights are not permitted for this use.
  6. Team members should be suitably equipped for open country i.e. hiking boots or sturdy waterproof shoes, appropriate waterproof outer clothing, headgear and reflective items of clothing.
  7. Whilst it is the responsibility of their adult leader to ensure that they are properly equipped, ALL teams will have their footwear and clothing inspected on arrival at the assembly point. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw any individual or team that in their opinion are not properly equipped to take part in the activity.
  8. Each patrol will be allocated a start time and will have a time limit (to be set) to complete the exercise. The organisers reserve the right to retire teams who fail to complete the exercise in the time allowed.
  9. Patrols should report to the assembly point no later than 20 minutes prior to their start time. Further details on the exercise will be given to the patrol after they have passed inspection.
  10. Transport to and from the assembly point and the finishing point is the responsibility of the patrols. As a guide allow at least 6 hours after start time for collection.
  11. Mobile phones are not to be used during the competition except in an emergency situation.
  12. In the event of an emergency or team withdrawal the Organisers must be contacted in the first instance.
  13. Hot drinks will be provided at the end of the exercise.
  14. The Les Barnes Shield will be retained by the winning patrol for one year. The members of the winning patrol will also receive individual trophies and certificates. The Captain Pyro trophy will be awarded to the winning Explorer/Ranger team
    Entry forms and fees should be sent to:
    Bryan McGaw GSL 1st Swindon Sea Scouts, 5 Catherine Wayte Close, Swindon, SN25 3PG or by email to [email protected] (Cheques can be sent by separate post).
  16. If you have any queries about the exercise (apart from what is actually going to happen) please ring Bryan McGaw on 01793 340702 or 07771 672691. Adults who would like to help during the evening are most welcome, and should contact Steve Iles or Bryan McGaw.
  17. A short event meeting shall be held on the Thursday date TBA at 1st Swindon Scout Hall, The Brow, Haydon Wick, Swindon.
  18. A briefing meeting for Leaders and base stewards only, shall be held at 2030 hrs on Thursday date TBA at 1st Swindon Scout Hall, The Brow, Haydon Wick, Swindon.
    Presentations for the event are anticipated to occur on either date TBA.
  19. Tony Kilburn, District Commissioner has agreed to be the independent adjudicator and his decisions shall be final.

Entry form the Les Barnes Trophy

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Defense Academy Sailing Club Supports local Sea Scouts

Wg Cdr Tom Whittingham, Chairman of the Defense Academy Sailing Club, recently arranged for 2 of the club’s Laser 2 dinghies to be donated to the local 1st Swindon Sea Scout Group.

The Scout Group, headed by Stephen Iles, sail at Bowmoor Sailing Club and were thrilled with the donation that will considerably boost their capacity to develop the sailing abilities of the 1st Swindon Sea Scouts, Swindon Explorer Sea Scouts and Black Pearl Network – indeed the boats were put to use immediately as part of a 24 hour sailing marathon.

The boats were handed over to Stephen Iles, Richard Iles and Richard King at the Defence Academy on 12 Jun2 by Wg Cdr Tom Whittingham, Cdr Sarah Johns (Athletics Union Secretary), Sqn Ldr Andy Mockford and Lt Col Steve Williams.

From Defense Academy News

Network Rail provide Highvis

First Swindon Sea Scouts has received a package of orange high visibility clothing, part of a project by Network Rail to donate over 1600 pieces of surplus kit to organisations such as scout groups, schools and railway heritage groups.

Robbie Burns, Network Rail’s Western Route Director, said, “This scheme will not only benefit the First Swindon Sea Scouts, but also other charities, and will avoid the needless waste of vital safety equipment.”

Rail workers across the West Country have been collecting their surplus kit, including high visibility vests, jackets, body warmers and coats that were no longer needed, as the company has gradually introduced its own branded equipment.

Bryan McGaw, Explorer Leader for First Swindon Sea Scouts, said, “It’s great that organisations such as Network Rail are able to put old kit to such good use. We have already used the donated jackets and vests as part of cycle training.”

From Railway People

Haydon Wick Sea Scouts raise Money for Charity

SEA Scouts have raised a fantastic £700 for the Swindon Cancer Appeal.

The First Swindon Sea Scouts based at Haydon Wick marched and rowed under cloudy skies before putting on a spectacular fun-day at a sailing club in Lechlade.

For many of the Scouts, the day began at 8am outside Asda Wal-Mart in North Swindon where they prepared their canoes for the long march to the River Thames at Cricklade, which took two hours, before rowing their boats to Lechlade and then marching to a fun day at the Bowmoor Sailing Club.

Mike, assistant scout leader and one of the organisers of the event, said: “Despite the weather, everyone had a great time.”

The scouts raised £1,400 in total, half of which will go to the cancer appeal and half to the group’s own funds.

So far, the Swindon Cancer Appeal has raised just more than £132,000, in the past few months with the grand total close to £750,000. The Swindon Cancer Appeal is also hoping to provide a training post for a Macmillan specialist breast care cancer nurse. In addition we want to provide a training post for another nurse specialising in gastrointestinal cancer.

For more information about the Swindon Cancer Appeal call the appeal office on 01793 432252 or 01793 432253.

From HaydonWick in touch